The ALCAT Test is a blood test for intolerances. Many health problems can be caused by or worsened by intolerances to food and other chemicals or organisms. The ALCAT Test can test up to 150 foods, food additives and colourings, moulds and environmental chemicals.


Hair Mineral Analysis.

In today’s world many people have poor diets and many ingest various toxic metals from their work places or hobbies. A Hair Mineral Analysis by InterClinical Laboratories gives a reading of all of the nutritional minerals, a number of toxic metals such as lead, cadmium and additional metals such as tin and nickel. Your mineral levels can also give valuable information on the state of your nervous system, low levels of magnesium can cause muscle spasm and tightness, if both magnesium and calcium are low this can indicate overactivity of your sympathetic nervous system etc.

Alcat Test