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In my practice I often suggest the use of orthotics, contrary to popular belief many people with foot problems experience little or no pain in their feet. Instead the pain is transferred to other areas of the body. Your feet are the foundation for your entire body and having proper foot posture is the best way to support your body. If you have weakness or unstable positioning in either foot it can contribute to postural problems throughout the rest of your body. By balancing your feet, Stabilizers (orthotics) help improve your posture, enhance yours body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain and contribute to your total body wellness.


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The Stabilisers or orthotics I use are manufactured by Foot Levelers an American company that  has been supplying Chiropractors with quality orthotics since 1954. All their products have a one year workmanship guarantee and a one year clinical guarantee. The orthotics come in different thickness depending on your level of activity and either full size or ¾ length depending on the kind of shoe you wear.  

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