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Are Chiropractic adjustments safe?

Yes. Government studies have found that adjustments are safe. Potential side effects have found to occur 1 every 5-10 million adjustments depending on the studies looked at. Anti-inflammatory drugs have a serious side effect rate of about 1 in 100.


Will adjustments make my spine to loose?

No. Only those joints that need to be adjusted are adjusted.



How many treatments will I need?

This will vary between patients and depends on a number of factors that include how long the problem has been present, if there is any pathology such as osteoarthritis, the person’s lifestyle, the age and the persons vitality.



Can I have treatment if I have osteoporosis, after spinal surgery or other serious health complaints?

Yes. The various treatments will be changed to suit the patient and their bodies.



Do I have to have treatment forever?

No. There are some patients that only want their presenting problem fixed e.g. low back pain, they have a series of treatments and come back when they need to. Others find that maintaining their spines mean that they feel better and have much less trouble, those that use maintenance are seen once every month to once every six months.



Does Medicare pay for Chiropractic treatment?

No. But if you have a complex medical condition the GP can give you a referral under the Medicare EPC Program where Medicare will pay for five allied health care consultations per year which includes Chiropractic.



Is Chiropractic treatment covered under Private Health Insurance?

Yes. All private health insurers will cover Chiropractic treatment if you are on the right level of extras cover.



Is Chiropractic treatment covered under Workcover and Transport Accident Commission?

Yes. However in both cases a patient is only covered for one or other of Chiropractic, Osteopathy or Physiotherapy.  

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