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Frequently Asked Questions on: 

Can Homoeopathic medicines be used with pharmaceutical medicines?

Yes. The two different types of medicine work very differently and will not react with each other.



Should pharmaceutical medicines be stopped when taking Homoeopathic medicines?

No. Pharmaceutical medicine should only be stopped under the direction of your Medical Doctor, when your symptoms improve under the direction of your Doctor the pharmaceutical medicine can be reduced.



Is Homoeopathy covered under Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

Medicare does not cover Homoeopathy but most Private Health Insurances do cover Homoeopathy under their Extras Tables.



Can Homoeopathy be successful for all people?

The success of Homoeopathy will depend on the vitality of the person, the length of time the condition has been present, the depth /extent of the pathology and the lifestyle.



Are there side effects with Homoeopathic medicines?

No. It is very rare for people to react badly to Homoeopathic medicines, either they work or there is no reaction.    

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